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Preventative Maintenance Agreement

     This Preventive Maintenance Agreement for analytical systems provides for a specified number of P/M visits by spectrum technical specialist to insure the continued performance of the instrument system.  The P/M inspection includes a complete checkout of your instrument(s) in your laboratory with alignment, adjustment and repair as needed to restore to normal operation.
     Replacement parts or material furnished by spectrum directly or through the technical specialist will be billed at current list price on the same purchase order issued, unless otherwise requested. 
     Unscheduled corrective maintenance work that may be required will be separate from the scheduled P/M visits and will be billed at the normal contract discount.

P. M. A. Annual Rates
Labor only-normal working hours-8 hour days


Plan 1   ____________ 2 visits total     
Plan 2   ____________ 4 visits total     
Plan 3   ____________ 3 visits total     
*Plan 4   ____________ _ visits total     
*Write your own                                     

  32 hours maximum     4,640.00
  64 hours maximum     9,280.00
  48 hours maximum     6,960.00
      hours maximum                 

     Travel and living expenses are in addition to the annual charge for the plan selected.  They will be computed at current published field engineering service rates.  It is understood and agreed that the charges made pursuant to this agreement are exclusive of sales and use taxes and other charges by the state, county, parish or city in which the goods and service are furnished or performed.  All such charges for which spectrum shall become liable for payment shall be billed separately, the payment of which shall be a part of the consideration for this contract.  Invoices will be issued annually and must be paid in advance of the effective start date to qualify for the general discount on all types of services, including emergency.  Charges for portal-to portal, transportation, per diem and other unscheduled services will be invoiced after each visit.

Terms: Net date of invoice

Agreed by:________________
Purchase order:____________

Accepted by:  Spectrum
Name:  Marty E. Evans
Title: Owner/ CEO
Contact number:________________


Technical specialist in Spectrographic Systems, Computers, and Electronics
Professional consulting in workplace training and evaluation.


  This is a basic preventive maintenance plan to keep your instrument at the top performance at the very lowest cash investment.  


  1. The number of suggested P/M hours and frequency of this maintenance contact reflects our experience and judgment for your system as used in your operation.
  2. The contract price must be paid in advance of the effective start to qualify for the general discount, which is $55.00 below our non-contract rate of $200.00 per hour.
  3. This is “on the job maintenance?and excludes:

a.      Portal to portal

b.      Travel expenses

c.       Emergencies

d.      Per diem

e.      Parts needed for repair

  1. This contract automatically entitles your company to a reduced hourly rate of $145.00 for all additional labor charges and also incurred in items 3c above.  The current contract travel rate will remain at $105.00 per hour.
  2. If the number of emergency service calls are less than one(1) per year, this would be the most economical plan for you.
  3. Twenty-four(24) hour response time.  Spectrum will respond via telephone within twenty-four(24) hours.  This is a maximum time.  Response is usually within the same day.
  4. Forty-Eight(48) hours response.  If necessary, spectrum will have a service engineer on the job within forty-eight(48) hours from the time the system is rendered inoperative, i.e., after attempts to get the system running via telephone fails.  The forty-eight(48) hour period excludes weekends and national holidays.  This is also maximum time limit.
  5. Prepaid labor hours may not be used for travel in the event of breach of contract or cancellation.  Unused labor hours will be waived or lost and customer will be liable for all subsequent travel charges associated with closing of contract.  Hours must be used within the prospective dates of contract.
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