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Why spectrum ?


     Spectrum Training, Development, and Service is available, accessible, and is directly involved in applications.
     Spectrum Training, Development, and Service is available. This makes us a good asset and collaborative partner with a company. You can always speak directly to a field engineer when you call who cares and is concerned about your problem or question. We always respond within the first day of a reported problem and most often within the same hour. We are available through landline phones, cell phones, and the internet. We will be there when you need us.
     Spectrum Training, Development and Service is accessible. When we speak we don't try to impress you with knowledge and unclear language but rather try our best to make the issues easily and directly understood. Accessibility means when you are a contract customer that you will not only be trained as to what we do but also why we do it. Accessibility means that it is our belief that it is YOUR instrument and that you have a right to know everything about it to make informed decisions about interventions, training issues, laboratory environment changes or repairs.
     Spectrum Training, Development and Service is involved in applications. Instruments and equipment do not generally operate by themselves. People and personnel do. We are always involved in process applications. Many times issues can be resolved by training interventions or corrective procedures which improve operations almost immediately.  We are involved in applications from the furnace to the tooling process to the sample table. We also understand the manufacturing process and the need for streamlining operations and workflow. We know the necessary operations and procedures in terms of both training and operations to make equipment and instruments perform at optimum levels of efficiency.

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